Online Do-it-Yourself DIY Site Editor

Why we like WordPress and why it may be the right CMS (Content Management System) for you

Sometimes, you need to do it yourself.

No pitcher, use a pitching machine.  No web designer, use WordPress.


The most commonly used platform to manage your website: WordPress

Most websites we build are built using what is widely known as a blogging platform, called WordPress.  WordPress has grown in popularity over the years and the WordPress community is constantly building things called Plugins that improve the way your site will work (bells and whistles so to speak).  If you would like to be able to update your website on your own, WordPress is perfect for you.  If you are capable of surfing the internet and using Word Processing software – like Microsoft Word – you will be able to get around WordPress and make updates to your site.  Did your phone number change?  No problem.  Do you want to post information about your latest special?  You got it.


What the Editor looks like – Hey that’s this Page!?!


If you like to maintain the ability to be in control of your website – even if you don’t make every update – WordPress gives you that flexibility.

One thing we hear, quite a bit unfortunately, is the guy that built our website stopped building websites, won’t return our calls, is in Lebanon Correctional, etc…  The easy to use WordPress CMS gives you the ability to make updates to your website on your own.  The WordPress dashboard is about as easy to use as we can imagine website building being – but of course we’re web geeks.


Bottom line, if you want to manage your own website, WordPress is a solid choice.  If you need help setting up a customized WordPress website that is our specialty.