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If you are providing a hard to find product, can sell your product competitively in the online marketplace, or there is not a lot of online competition for what you sell, eCommerce may be the thing for you.

Build Your Online eCommerce Website and Everyone Will Find It.  It’s like Magic!

Sorry to disappoint you.  In most cases it’s not that easy.  Competing online is serious business.  With the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and Suzie’s Local Awesome Product Shoppe, it can be difficult to stand out.  There are a few keys to competing online.

  • Good design
  • The right price and value for your market
  • Easy checkout
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
  • Security

What makes for a good eCommerce website design?


eCommerce: a lot like the $1.00 Concession Stand at GABP

Good design – The right price value for the market – Easy checkout

Good Looking Product

Nice, clean product image that can be zoomed.  Clear description and price.  Easy to find Add to Cart button.

Good eCommerce Website Design

The overall structure of your online store should be simple to navigate.  Most often a good ecommerce site is well organized into categories.  These categories allow you customer to easily navigate your site, find what they are looking for, and buy it from you.  That is why we’re here, right?

After the customer finds the product of the century on your site, it needs to look good to seal the deal.  Photography is very important, so that your customer can zoom in on the product and see important details.  And obviously, you do not want the product to look like it was photographed in your cousin’s closet – is that lava lamp in the background for sale?

The adding to cart process should be intuitive and work easily, so your customer does not get frustrated and leave.  All so they can do the all important next step, hit the Add to Cart button.


After the customer clicks Add to Cart, will they checkout and send you their money?

Creating a checkout page that facilitates people giving you their money.

When the customer arrives at your checkout page you want them to do three things.

  1. Confirm the items in their cart
  2. Tell you where to ship the items
  3. Pay for the items

That’s it, simple.  The more pages and clicks you require of the customer, the higher the likelihood you may lose the sale.  Keep it simple and the customer will complete the sale.


Will people buy what you have to sell?  

Things to consider…

Simple Checkout

When Dustin needs a glove, he needs it now. 

The right price and value for your market

The product you are selling will determine the amount of competition and the price point you are offering to the market.  You may find that there are more than 100 competitors selling your product at that competition is stiff and margins are low.  Still worth it?  What sets you apart?  Price?  Service?  Often price is the determining factor depending on what you are selling, and what market you are selling to.  At times, selling a very specific, hard to find product will result in sales just by the customer finding you online.  The hard to find product is so hard to find that when the customer finds it they will seal the deal on the spot – getting them to your site is the key.

After your product is priced right and you know there is a market for it, you need to tell the world!


Getting people to your site: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

When we build eCommerce sites we insure the sites are built using White-Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques.  The White-Hat SEO allows Google, Bing, etc… to scan your site and know what it is about.  Are you selling Swords for Pacifists?  You need to do some things behind the scenes that tell the search engines your site is about swords for pacifists.  The key is getting the customer to your site when they do a search for the “Dangerous Sword in a Kind Way 3000.”  You obviously want your product to appear in the search.  Customer clicks your product link – customer is taken to the Dangerous Sword in a Kind Way 3000 page – not the home page of your site.  Again minimizing clicks is key.  Customer does a search, finds your product, pays you for it.  Boom.

White-Hat SEO is not enough.  You need to promote your product using all means necessary.  Online, offline, in person.  It is all necessary.  With the proper mix of social media, email marketing, pay-per-click ads and offline promotional tactics you will drive traffic to your site and sales will increase.


That all sounds great, anything else?  You bet.  Security.

A Google Search for “Rawlings Baseball Gloves”


Many Options


Securing your site is paramount in today’s crazy hacker / cyber-terror environment. 

So, you got people to your site, you have what they are looking for in the right fashion color, the price is right, what more could go wrong?  Your site needs to be secure, so your customer and your customer’s information remains safe.  The https:// in front of your domain name and/or the green padlock icon is what most savvy online shoppers are looking for.  This means the customer can give you their credit card details without those details being stolen by the bad guys.  If your site is not secured by an SSL Certificate it must be in this day and age.


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