Responsive Website Design

Why your website MUST be mobile friendly (Display well on phones, tablets, desktops and laptops)

You’ve seen it before.

You’ve been on a website that is impossible to read on your phone – without pinching, stretching, zooming in your phone’s browser window.  It’s annoying – and you wonder why any business in the age of phone addiction would think not having a mobile friendly site is a good idea.  Guess what.  If your site is not mobile friendly your customers – before they leave and go to another site that is mobile friendly – think the same thing when they are on your non-mobile-friendly website designed back when HW was in office.

But you are not that business owner, the one who still adjusts her thermostat manually (there’s an app for that by the way), of course your site is responsive.  It looks great on the iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Kindle Fire and Commodore 64 (OK maybe not the Commodore – Hello 1986! – but the website looks great on your post 2007 laptop).  Your customers can easily read the content on your site.  The images are large – and actually look good.  The text is easy to read, and gets to the point.


Just like you, when customers visit your site they are looking to do one thing…


Make it easy for them to do that.  The phone numbers on any well built mobile friendly site will be clickable.  It like it’s 2010 in here! [editor’s note, it’s 2017][screenshot of the dialog that appears when you click a clickable phone number on mobile]

Beware the phone call averse.  This is the guy that would rather subscribe to a forum about website design, than actually talk with a LIVE PERSON, oh the horror.  For him, you have…the contact form.  Love it or hate it, people use it, and it is a requirement on any website for a business that cares about their customer and providing them with options, and great customer service.  We know, it’s hard to keep up with all those emails from people trying to pay your salary, excuse me… give you their money, again… allow you the privilege of staying in business.

One Word: Google.

The Google search engine results page is where you want your site to come up in a web search by your customer right?  If your site is not mobile friendly, Google will penalize your site, and move it down in the page rank.  That’s right, your website will not appear as highly on the list as if it were mobile friendly.

Google has a Mobile-Friendly Test Page where you can test your website:

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

So, the bottom line is this:

If you want your business to be represented online like it should be you must have a mobile friendly, tablet friendly, responsive website.  If you do not, be prepared to sit back and text your buddy on that sweet flip phone you just picked up at Radio Shack.  You’ll have a lot of time on your hands when there are no more customers to serve.


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