Generate More Five Star Reviews

Asking your customers for feedback the right way.  Getting their real feedback.  Getting benefits from positive reviews, nipping the potentially negative reviews in the bud.

Reviews are HUGE.  Good ones – Bad ones.  Get more good reviews!

It is amazing how quickly people will make decisions based on third party feedback posted on the internet.  Yes, most people understand that there are “those people” that are in general never satisfied, and are happy to share their unhappiness with the world.  So outside of that 1% of the population, there is the rest of the planet, ready and willing to tell the world how awesome your company is.  Leveraging your customers through the power of five star customer reviews is a no-brainer.

There is an intelligent way to go about getting more reviews, and actually strengthen your customer service in the process.  Sharing reviews with your staff is a great way to encourage good customer service and point out needed areas for improvement.

“We never really understood the power of encouraging our customers to give us feedback and leave positive reviews for our shop.  Our Stylists better understand what is important to the customer, and what they need to continue doing that customers appreciate.  Our new customers often tell us they tried our shop because of customer reviews that were posted online “


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