Managed Cost-per-Click Campaigns

Paying to appear at the top of the search engine results pages.  Google AdWords Campaigns.

Paying for website traffic. In general, it works.

Whether you know it or not, some of the links you click after doing a search are ads.  A survey completed by Inc. Magazine in 2014 reported that 4 out of 5 companies in it’s top 5,000 spent an average of just over $20,000 per company annually.  And the return on investment was at least 5 times the spend, some returns much higher.  Like it or not, pay-per-click campaigns work.

Take the image to the right.  We did a search on “Louisville Slugger Bats,” one of the top suppliers of bats in Major League Baseball.  You will see there are three types of results that were returned based on our search.

1. Straight-up Google AdWords campaign: These are ads that were built based strictly on our search keyword phrase, “Louisville Slugger Bats.”  The links that were returned have the small Ad icon next to them.  Every time someone clicks an ad, the business buying the ads pays a market-determined value for the click, say $1.00 per click.  The simple idea is, customer does a search, sees link, clicks link, is directed to website, buys product.

2. Google Shopping Ads: These ads are kicked up a bit, as the product image is displayed, creating more potential interest for the consumer.  The consumer see the bat they are looking for, along with the price, clicks the ad and is sent directly to the specific product screen.  Whereas, the ads in No. 1 above may be more general and broad, the clicker may be directed to a general page on the businesses website for All Louisville Slugger bats.  For this reason, along with the fact that there is an image in the Shopping Ad, the shopping ads in general, are more expensive on a per click basis.

3. Organic Search Results: The third result on this page is not an ad, but a natural organic search returned by Google.  This result is based solely on the content on the page (or site in this instance – as other page links from the site are returned).  The Louisville Slugger site ranks more highly than any other site organically on the net because Google believes it’s site to contain the best content about the search term, “louisville slugger bats.”  Thank goodness if you are Louisville Slugger, knowing that no other bat retailer outranks them.  Think this is FREE Traffic?  Think again, organic traffic does take time, and there is a cost involved.  See our page on Search Engine Optimization.




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