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Getting your business found locally using White-Hat Search Engine Optimization and Local listing services

You own a local business.  Allow people to find it.

Ranking well in the search engine results pages locally is very similar to ranking well nationally, with a few related tweaks.  Optimizing your site for the keywords you are targeting is still important.  So if I run a baseball training facility, it would probably be a good idea to target a keyword phrase people are likely to search for, while looking for training for their kids, or for yourself (Can you say Glory Days?).  So in setting up your site, there are techniques that should be employed so that people searching for “baseball training facility” will find my business.  When we build sites we build the page so that Google, Bing, etc… can scan the page and get a good idea of what the page is about.  We structure optimized pages to make it easy for the search engine crawlers to scan, and build the pages so the topic we are discussing in our page is clear, i.e. the keyword phrase / subject matter of the page.

It’s not just about words on the page.  It’s about creating compelling, easy to read, linked content.

As you are building content for your website, using a few simple techniques will help you optimize your page for the search engines.  Text built using H class formatting is seen as most important in descending order, H1, H2, H3, etc… As is text that is either BOLD or Linked or let’s get really crazy and BOLD a Link.  Also, tagging your images with appropriate ALT Titles and Descriptions better describes what the image is about and how it makes the content on your page better than most.



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Setting up Google My Business and Related Local Sites

Everyone wants to be on the map.  You’ve seen them and used the map listings on Google and Bing.  You type in a search term for a product or service, and there it is, a few suggested businesses for you to choose from.  You see the business name, phone number, address, website link and a push pin or number of where the related business is located in relation to you.  There are also Reviews with a related star rating.  Showing up in this nice little box is key to getting solid organic traffic to your businesses website.  Setting it up is rather easy.

Along with the SEO stuff discussed above, the key to local search optimization is consistent information and brand delivery across the listing services that are important to your business.

Here are a few of the good local sites:

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