Google Analytics Reporting

Why using the power of Google Analytics kicked up with specialized website analysis unlocks the door to a lead generating website

So you have a website!  Let the business flow.

It’s almost like you are printing money.  Thousands of visits a day, right?  Maybe not.  Why not?  You have a site, why aren’t people finding it?  If they are one of the 6 people that visited your site, LAST WEEK, how did they find your site?  1 visit was you, 1 your employee, 3 were marketing firms (who called you, said they were Google, and there were problems with your site).  So that one person that visited your site, how did they get there?  Was it the business card you handed them?  Was it the web search they did for “Your Awesome Service in Ypsilanti, MI.”  Of course, the web guy that built the site for you said you would be on the first page – no wonder the server exploded from so many visits to your site!  Was it the Facebook post you did, that linked to your site?  Was it the “how-to” video you posted on YouTube?


You need to know how people are getting to your site, to know if your marketing efforts are working.  How do you know?


Who Knows how people get to your website? Google knows baby, Google knows. 

The beauty of Google Analytics is the reporting can tell you everything, almost everything, about how people found your site, where they are located, whether they visited your site on a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, etc…  How did they find your site?  That post you did about your fluffy kitty using your products generated 500 visits alone, what?  Whereas, the 100th quote you posted on LinkedIn did not generate a single click, hmm.  Maybe we should do more cat videos.  If it works, yes you should, personal preferences aside..  Google Analytics helps you get this kind of information.  You have the info.  You make adjustments to your website and your total marketing program, based on this information.  At least you should be.


We get the reports but do not know for sure how to interpret the data?  We can help…

We take Google Analytics data, present it in a way you can understand, customized for your business, because one Google Analytics Report does not fit all.

We look at the data that is important to your business. Is it phone calls – we can track calls from your website. Is it lead forms – got it. Is it the raw number of visits to your site? How long people spend on your site, how many pages viewed, did they leave, come back, and then buy something from you? You get the point. We track this data, hourly, daily, monthly, weekly. Look at the trends, see what is going well, what isn’t going well, and what could be better.