Regardless of your opinion of Facebook, there are more than 2 BILLION monthly active users on the platform.

As of Q2 2018, more than 1.4 Billion of them visit the top social network in the United States, EVERY DAY. Despite being known as “mombook,” according to Pew Research, 75% of men, compared to 83% of women use Facebook. 79% of these users have graduated from college – college graduates earn more money. Bottom line, you should figure out how your brand will communicate with your customer on Facebook.

Facebook is the most versatile of all social networks.

You can share your latest Blog, post Photos, add a 45 minute Video (compared to 1 minute max on Instagram), share Events, post a Podcast, or utilize one of the most powerful and effective tools available on Facebook at this time – Facebook Live.

Logo and Cover Image

First and foremost, the initial impact you make on your visitor in the first few seconds is huge.

Your Facebook Profile Image should be simple. In most cases, it’s best to use your logo. The image will be shown as 170 pixels wide x 170 pixels high on desktop and 128×128 on mobile devices. Your profile image will also appear next to comments you make in posts, so the more simple and distinguishable, the better.

For your Facebook Cover Photo a simple image that represents your brand, with a limited amount of text, is important. It is also important to switch out the image regularly, depending on the time of year. An image of Mrs. Claus plugging your latest product may not translate so well in May. Cover photos should be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high – or larger using the same aspect ratio. The mobile resolution is 640 x 360, which is a little narrower, so consider this when testing which image to use. Resolution is very important; do not sacrifice quality by using what you think may be a cool image that is also low resolution or the wrong size. Your presentation is everything here. Do not settle for mediocrity.

"New layout for your business page is coming." What this really means...

Facebook recently sent out an Email Communication to all business page owners. There are things you can do to optimize your Facebook page template, that will make a difference.

Using the Right Template and Business Category

Facebook has built templates for specific types of businesses. Facebook is trying to make setting up your page simpler, by pre-selecting call-to-action buttons and links for you. You always have the option to edit these settings further. If your page is new, Facebook will step you through this process. If you have an existing Facebook page, you can check to make sure your current template makes sense for your business. Template settings are found by clicking Settings > Edit Page, then clicking the Edit button next to your Current Template. Customizing your template will allow you to perfectly position buttons and links for your visitors, so you can get the most out of your Facebook page.

Button and Tabs in Action

As you are setting up your page, it’s important you take time to select the right category for your business. Facebook will allow you to select three, choose wisely. If you are a local business that sells primarily to your customers in a specific geographic area, make sure you choose Local Business as one of the categories, so your happiest customers can leave you 5 star reviews.

Category Selection

Button Locations

Tabs (Links) Location

Be sure to choose Local Business as one of your page categories, so your happiest customers can leave you 5 star reviews.

Facebook Live has added a whole new wrinkle to video, and is getting attention.

As the name implies Facebook Live is video recorded live, as it happens, for the world to see. You can use this platform to host a live Q&A with your followers, give your fans a look-in at your team building visit to a Major League Baseball baseball game, or tour your clients new corporate headquarters. If you have the ability to do Facebook Live well, which does require some skill, your video has great potential to be shared and viewed well after the live broadcast.

The video of the Laughing Chewbacca Lady was originally shot on Facebook Live and exploded with millions of views across the internet – most of the views were hours, days and months after the live video.

Video and Photos

If you are looking to increase engagement on your Facebook page photos and videos are the way to do it. Photo and video are far and away the most commented and shared content on Facebook. The relatively new and extremely popular Facebook Live functionality is an engagement dream.

Engagement = People Like, Share and Comment on your content. 

When it comes to photos it is best to share original photos, as opposed to stock photography. People like real, visually striking images. Images of your team or your clients in their environment give your followers a better idea of who your team is and who the clients are you serve. It’s your employees living the brand, it’s your customers using your product or telling their story.

As is the recommendation with photos, video should be shared directly on Facebook, referred to as posting native content. It’s been noted that video and photos posted directly on the Facebook platform, are rewarded by Facebook’s algorithm, and served to followers at a higher rate. The alternative is sharing a link to a YouTube video, or sharing an Instagram photo to your Facebook account – not the optimum way to go about it.

The beauty of Facebook is that you can post up to 45 minute video. Instagram has a 1 minute video length maximum, at the time we are writing this post. You can describe in great detail, in interesting fashion we hope, how to use your latest product or service. Share the 15 minute presentation you gave to your clients last week. The flexibility here is key, and with interesting and educational content, the comments and shares will follow.



Video and photos posted directly on the Facebook platform, are rewarded by Facebook’s algorithm, and served to followers at a higher rate

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