When we received the eMail from NanoSperse to do a Site Redesign, we were as always, excited, and honestly a bit intimidated by the subject matter.  Their tagline is: “Dispersion Technology for a Small World.”  Makes complete sense to me!  Ok, so it didn’t.  But what we HAD TO DO, is ask the same questions we always ask about their business to understand it from a high level.  This is important so we understood what their customer would be looking for in a great Nano Composites firm.  We like to take the approach Warren Buffett uses when evaluating investments.  If Mr. Buffett cannot draw a business concept on a piece of paper, so a child could understand it, he does not invest.  That is the same approach we use when building websites: cut out the extraneous chatter, boil a business down to it’s most important aspects, and communicate that through an easy to understand site.  Art and Karrie at NanoSperse made this process a lot easier – answering my (see: Synonyms for Stupid) questions.  Check out their site, and be sure to give them a call, the next time you need a truckload of Pre-Dispersed Nano Materials.