Is your site secure? Would Google agree?

Jan 19, 20180 comments

Last year, Google implemented a new warning to site visitors through Google Chrome.

If someone comes to your site and there is a contact form asking for any personal information, Google Chrome will now display a “Not Secure” warning in the address bar, next to the website address.

Not only will this scare off some people from visiting your website and/or filling out your contact form, but it will also impact your search engine rankings. Google will recognize that your site is not secure, and rank your site lower than your competitors!

Secure site with HTTPS (top), Not secure site with non-HTTPS (middle), Not secure site with faulty HTTPS (bottom).

How can you fix this?

All that’s required is to get a SSL security certificate for you site so that all pages come up under https:// vs. http://. Installing a SSL for your domain requires an annual fee, but is sometimes part of your hosting fees from your provider. If you’d like to ensure that your site displays the Secure message, we can help!

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