1. Login to WordPress.  Get to the login screen by going to http://yoursite.com/wp-admin


2.  Click Posts in the Left Sidebar Menu.  All of your Posts will be displayed on the following page.  You will be able to edit or delete any Posts you previously created from this page.


3. To create a new Post click, you guessed it, Add New.


4.  This is the Post Edit window.  The Category is important, we will add that to the menu later.  See details below…

5. The theme we are using allows SEO Titles, Keywords and Descriptions.  You may add each of those fields from the Custom Fields drop-down…

Some good SEO rules of thumb…

  • Keywordsin the Title should take up no more than 70 characters.
  • Format should be: keyword 1 > keyword 2 > keyword 3 > company name.
  • If the company name extends the TITLE beyond 70 it is not an issue.
  • The Description should ideally be no more than 155 characters.
  • The description should include the keywords that are in the TITLE.
  • A wellwritten META description can make the difference between whether a searcher decides to click your result or not.

Adding the Post Category You Created to the Main Menu

1. Select Menus from the Appearance menu on the left sidebar.

2.  Go to Categories, down the page on the left, select the Category you would like to add to the menu and click Add to Menu.

3. Be sure to Save the new menu structure after you make changes!