Have you ever read a post on Instagram that said see link in bio, you were interested, went to the bio and the link took you to something completely different? Frustrating! Today, I’m going to help you prevent that from happening to your Instagram page, by explaining how to add a Link Tree to your Instagram account. It’s simple!

If you use Instagram you already know that you cannot directly link in your post descriptions. You will often see text in the post description that says “see link in bio.” You have likely visited an Instagram account that displays several links within their bio, using a service like Link Tree. I’m going to show you how to add Link Tree to your Instagram account today. It’s free and takes about 10 minutes to set up.

1. Create an account at Linktree

First, visit You’ll want to create an account first. After you verify your email address with Linktree you’ll be ready to add some links.
First, you will select a username, we were fortunate enough to get the username, henryclarke. After selecting your username, you will want to add a logo to your profile. A square image works best, we used the icon from our logo, which is a 1,000 pixel x 1,000 pixel square. After adding a username and a logo, you are ready to add some links.

2. Add Links to Linktree

We are going to add a link to this very post you are reading, as well as, a link to our homepage. To do so we’ll visit the Links link on Link Tree. Here you will click the Add New Link button, give your link a name, and insert the URL link. You can reposition the link buttons by dragging them around as you wish.

How to create a Link Tree for your Instagram account - LinkTree admin

3. Add Linktree to Instagram profile

After you are satisfied with what you’ve done, it’s time to insert the Link Tree on your Instagram account profile. The link is visible at the top right of the Link Tree screen, copy that link. Then go to your Instagram profile and edit the profile settings of your account with the new link. And there you have it, you’ve created a link tree that actually looks like you know what you are doing.

How to create a Link Tree for your Instagram account - LinkTree logo add

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