Comeback Player of the Year – 2017

Fiber Dry


Project Goals

  • Improve appearance (mobile and desktop views) of site

  • Improve Organic SEO Rank for target keywords

  • Get more leads from website – contact forms

  • Improve page load times

Goal 1: Improve appearance (mobile and desktop views) of website





Goal 2: Improve Organic SEO Rank for target keywords

Target the main keyword phrase – and move up the list for other services 

Fiber Dry provides Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning to the Dayton area.  When we took on the site Fiber Dry already had an excellent page rank in the search engine results pages, from a site that had great content, and a lot of it.  Our goal was to take the content, optimize it, and continue to improve on it throughout the year.

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Goal 3: Get more leads from website – contact forms and phone calls.

Easy to use contact forms on every page – encourage contact.

Fiber Dry wanted to encourage more customer contact.  By phone and via email / contact forms.

We inserted contact forms that are easily visible on every page of the site, this does two things.

1. Tells the customer that your company is here to help, and does not mind being contacted.  What a concept.

2. Makes it easy for the customer to contact you.  How many times have you been on a site and been challenged to find a contact form?

Make it easy for people to reach you.  Clickable phone numbers.

The Fiber Dry site has clickable phone numbers on every page of the site.  Touch a phone number with your thumb on your mobile phone, you are asked if you want to complete the call.


All of the sites we build are mobile-friendly / responsive.  If your site was built a while ago, and you need help getting your site to a point where you can take advantage of the latest technology, we would be happy to speak with you.


“The number of contact forms we’ve received from our website has definitely increased.  We believe this has had a direct impact on our bottom line.”


Fiber Dry

Goal 4: Improve page load times

Client was concerned people were leaving site, rather than waiting for page to load.  Also worried how this might impact SEO score.

We optimized images which were taking a long time to load due to their size.  We also installed a brand new site framework with “lighter” coding which also helped page load times.  Page caching additions also allowed pages to be served to customer more quickly.


Looking to improve?

Using the performance data at GTmetrix, site load times improved 14% from a C Score of 78% to a B Score of 89%.

  • Before 78% 78%
  • After 89% 89%


+ Increase

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