This week we launched two auto repair related websites, Centerville Automotive and Neace Tire.

Centerville Automotive, as you see in the image from the home page of the website above, has been in the auto repair business since 1979.  As with most of the sites we build, simplicity and easy to find calls to action (things built into the site that make the user do something) were important pieces of the design.  One of the more obvious calls to action is the almost giant Schedule Service button that appears on the home page, as well as, a red Request an Appointment button that appears at the top of each page.  The phone number, address, and a link to Directions are also easily visible in the upper right hand corner of every page.

View the Centerville Automotive Site

auto-repair-websiteThe other site we took live is near and dear to our hearts.  Neace Tire is the family tire store we have ran since 1958.  We used the same image from the home page as before, but made it span the entire width of the page, and we think it has a bigger impact and helps deliver the message we are going for, Get Back on the Road.  A lot of the sites we build, including the site you are on now, incorporate the extremely popular Slider or Rotating Slideshow on the home page.  With our updated Neace Tire site, we used the effect of action and movement you achieve with rotating slides with a “POP” of the message delivered on the home page.  But instead of building in 4 or 5 slides, we have just one message, our most important message, in a single slide.  If you visit the Home Page you will see what I mean.  What we are trying to get at, is that the slideshows look pretty, but in our opinion to get results a single message works better than multiple messages in a slideshow that few users will take the time to watch.  If you are skeptical, check out this article about the topic from ConversionXL, a website that offers advice around converting visits into real business.

We also optimized the Neace Tire site for mobile devices such as the Android and iPhone (see photo above).

We’ve brought it up before, and the research suggests that searches done on a mobile device will eclipse traditional PC searches sometime in 2014.

View the Neace Tire Site

We have real experience in the Auto Repair and Tire Industry, and we enjoy working with shop owners to build solid and affordable websites, and helping them get more business in the door.

So, if you know someone that owns an Auto Repair shop, and they have no website or a poor website, we would love to get in touch with them.  Let Us Know.

About the Author

Steve Neace is the Directing Doer at Henry Clarke. He is here to make sure customers get what they need, and works with our developers and designers to make that happen, so customers don’t have to. When you call us and ask for Henry, this is the guy you will get. Henry Clarke is named for his first two children.

He also directs other Doers at Neace Tire, his family’s tire business in Dayton, Ohio, that has been in business since 1958. He used to make a living trying to predict how beans would behave, in Finance at a couple Fortune 500 companies. He is an inactive CPA. He loves to help small business like his own succeed on the web. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn